A plastic-free bathroom

As you’ll see we’re not a plastic free store, it can be the most accessible option for some and when brands take into account the environmental impact throughout their products lifecycle it can be the sensible lightweight option. On the basis it’s made from recycled plastic and is recyclable that is!

However, there is still unnecessary plastic use and single use plastic products around, especially in our bathrooms. So if the question on your mind is how can I have less plastic in my bathroom, we can help you! Here are some ideas…

Soap and shampoo bars

Shampoo bars offer a brilliant solution for plastic free living. Because they are solid, easy to recycle and compostable packaging options like cardboard are usual. Choose from Object’s spa scented bars, to EarthKind’s bars targeted to specific needs. With reusable tins they become the perfect alternative to travel minis.

Soap has had a bad rap and has been considered drying and irritating but it’s a great alternative to shower gel in plastic bottles a soap formulation has come on and can now be packed with nourishing ingredients that are kind to delicate skin. Our favourites are these beautifully scented handmade soaps from Soapsmith and this exfoliating bar from Haeckels.


Deodorant is a common product to come in plastic and just be thrown away after use. But this is no longer an issue with some of our wonderful brands doing what they can to shake-up the throwaway culture. From Wild’s aluminium reusable deodorant applicator that will last you a lifetime and can be refilled with their bamboo pulp refills, through to Evolve’s deodorant cream that comes in a glass pot with a recyclable plastic lid.

Bamboo toothbrush

Switching your plastic toothbrush for a more eco-friendly version means one less piece of plastic waste in your bathroom. Easy as that! Spotlight’s Bamboo Toothbrush is biodegradable which will reduce the overall plastic waste and has the bonus of being naturally anti-bacterial. Designed with care by dentists and suitable for sensitive teeth and gums you can’t go wrong.

Shower mitt

Free of plastic and 100% organic, this Shower Mitt is one of our absolute faves! Super soft, lathers your soap beautifully and looks neutral and sophisticated hung in the shower or bath. These mitts can be used for face or body and offers gentle exfoliation, too. And when they've reached the end of their life just recycle or compost!

Makeup rounds

Switching out face wipes for Cotton Make Up Rounds like these is an easy one. Made from soft Organic Cotton, they work perfectly for removing make up and applying products. They are machine washable and can last you for years - saving you both plastic waste and money.

Bath sponge

Put down the plastic bath sponges and choose plant-based and plastic-free! The Bath None Sponge is a great example. The core is compressed and expands when wet, so the none sponge has a much smaller product footprint. It foams beautifully, making a thick, luscious lather from your favourite body wash and soap.

Let us know your favourite swaps!