Summer Skincare and Travel Tips

That feeling when you touch down in your holiday destination can’t be beaten but sometimes the lead up to travel can leave a little to be desired… trying to pack light, stay within the liquid allowance to navigate security, find the perfect multipurpose product, anticipate changes to your skin from temperatures you’re not used to… no wonder you need a break!

Here are some of my top tips for your summer skincare and packing your holiday beauty and personal care essentials.

Skin Care Changes

I find my skin is happiest with consistency but there are some tweaks I’ll be mindful of when I’m in hotter temperatures. These are the things that work for me:

  1. Make sure I’m using a product containing antioxidants as these help fight free-radical damage, e.g. pollution and UV rays, and protect the skin. Usually I use a serum with these in before my moisturiser and I look out for vitamin C or E but if you prefer a streamlined skincare routine then look out for a moisturiser with antioxidants like this one from Haeckels.
  2. Add a bit more hydration with the likes of hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which might come in a serum, oil or moisturiser.
  3. I’ll pause using any skincare products that have the potential to cause irritation such as retinol or exfoliating acids. Or if I’m not going to be in the sun too much and prefer to keep using them whilst I’m away then I’ll just make sure I’m supporting my skin with an extra layer of a moisturising serum under the stronger product.
  4. Switching up my cleanser to something that will support how my skin feels in the heat. If it’s feeling extra oily then something that foams a bit more might be best or if it’s feeling a bit dry then I’ll go with a balm or cream cleanser or if it’s somewhere in between then I’ll stick with my usual gel cleanser.

Hand Luggage

Whatever the mode of transport there are some essentials I like to have to hand which will all be fine on a flight as well. Travel can be incredibly drying so a nourishing lip balm and hand cream are first on the list. Then for my face I love to have a hydrating spray that I can refresh with at any time, it needs to have hydrating properties though with something like hyaluronic acid rather than just water. And practically I need to have a hand sanitiser with me, I’ve read one too many of those horror stories about how dirty aeroplanes are!

Going Hand Luggage Only?

If I’m going hand luggage only (not something I find easy!) then solid products are a game changer… they don’t take up my liquid allowance and won’t spill in my bag! So easy swaps are shampoo and conditioner along with a handy travel tin and also solid skincare like this cleanser and moisturiser. Another easy swap are toothpaste tablets which can also be decanted into a smaller container so save even more space.

Hero Products

Much like my outifts if I’m making room in my luggage for a product it would be great if I can use it for more than one thing. Some easy choices for me are this Caring Skin Fix which is an intensive moisturiser but suitable for sensitive skin so will take care of any cracked, sore or irritated skin whilst I’m away. I love the Jojo Glow make-up remover pads as they can be used on make-up without any product but are also wonderful used with cleanser. I also like to take a body oil with me that will work hard as a moisturiser, fragrance, hair oil and massage oil!

Checkout our full travel collection for all the above and more products ideal for holidays.