Brand Spotlight... Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals recently published their 2022 Impact Report and reading again about all the incredible things they do mean it was an easy choice to have them as our spotlight brand this month.

They are a formulator-led independent brand making natural skincare sustainable by design. This means they put sustainability at the core of all their decisions and don’t compromise on quality or effectiveness. You can see already why we love them!

As an independent brand they have the freedom to make these choices and can move quickly to make things happen so be assured it’s not all just words. Here are some of their highlights. 


Neighbourhood Botanicals are a vegan and cruelty free brand with no animal products in their production process. They pledge never to sell anywhere that requires testing of their products on animals, irrespective of the financial gains. These are the types of promises an independent business can make you and why we work with them.

When it comes to formulation their main ingredient supplier is a UK-based family run company who use recycled containers and source direct from farmers.


We know beauty is a big offender in terms of creating waste, but the most obvious solution isn’t always the best one. Neighbourhood Botanicals weigh up a lot of factors when choosing packaging and decide on the best solution for each specific product from glass, aluminium and 100% PCR plastic.

They have recently finished their 2nd annual carbon audit – no one made them do this! They are leading the charge and have offset more than double the amount of carbon emissions in both the raw materials they need upfront and the downstream use of their final products. For energy, they have solar panels and when that’s not enough use 100% renewable energy from their provider and they use sea rather than air freight wherever possible.

They don’t just consider the consumer facing side of things but also think of all the small things behind the scenes like office coffee supplies in paper bags and biodegradable gloves in the production process.


Their transparency continues through to their people and they are a living wage employer who offer employees flexibility. They use independent artists for their unique packaging designs and keep conscious consumption in mind throughout.

They have collaborated with Lend With Care to provide crowd-sourced loans for entrepreneurs in developing nations. As a female owned business, they believe owning a business is the best way for women across the world to gain independence, support their families and enjoy life so they have a focus on paying this forward.

I hope this tour of their efforts helps show why we’re happy to rave about Neighbourhood Botanicals and that’s without even seeing how wonderful their actual products are (which we’re delighted to rave about too!).

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